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Here's the lineup of the Aquatudes
Tom Bittel
Guitar, vocals, songwriting

Tom has been writing songs and playing guitar in rock bands for a very very long time. His first band performed rock 'n roll songs of the 50's and 60's. Tom played lead guitar in a style combining elements of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and the Ventures. In 1984, Tom joined an original Hartford band called "The Broken Hearts," who recorded a 9-song LP of original tunes titled "Want One?" Tom was later a member of "See Jane Run," a Connecticut band who released two CDs of original music in 1994 and 2004. In 2002, Tom released his own 13-track CD titled "Dad's Noisy Basement".
Tom wrote and recorded the first songs for the Aquatudes in 2006. In June of 2007, he met drummer Dick Bascom through the North East Surf Music Alliance (NESMA) - and then the real fun began!
Dick Bascom
Drums, vocals

Dick began hitting the hides at the age of ten in the mid-1960's. "Having chops" back then meant being able to thump a respectable "Wipe Out" surf rock drum solo on the the school bus seat cushions. Dick spent his fist years as a drummer terrorizing several school band directors by day, and then by night playing the central CT bar scene in the country rock band "Anonymous." Dick played a regular schedule of bar gigs, social club dances and weddings, which included the surf classics Pipeline, Walk, Don't Run, and of course, Wipe Out. After taking an extended time-out to live the American Dream, Dick expanded on the theme and hooked up with some other old guys in 2006, and played drums in Connecticut's Classic Rock scene for a bit. He also helped satisfy his need to play and coach by offering drum lessons to beginning drummers, where the "surf beat" is required learning. Dick found the NESMA Surf rock classified ads in the spring of 2007, and soon made Tom's acquaintance to provide the drums for the emerging Aquatudes.
Mike Rocchetti
Bass, vocals

Mike started playing rock & roll and blowing fuses in 1974 on an electric bass guitar (a short-scale Fender Musicmaster Bass with a 100 watt Fender Bassman Amp) that he bought with money earned working at a local shipyard in New London Connecticut. After ten years of raising hell, playing occasional gigs at local biker bars, sometimes disturbing the peace, and oftentimes dealing with irate neighbors, barking dogs, and local cops, he set his bass aside to focus on his schooling, career and family. After a long hiatus of musical inactivity, Mike jumped back in to the music scene in 2009 and hit the ground running. Mike lately plays a Fender Bass VI. His musical style is influenced by great bassists like Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Glenn Hughes, Tim Bogert, Jack Bruce, Rocco Prestia, Bob Babbit, John Paul Jones and many more.
Dr. Dave Bittel Fred Magetteri  
Dr. Dave Bittel: Combo Organ, Vocals

Dave also happens to be Tom's brother. The two have a long history of playing in bands, going back to their late teens. Lately, Dave has been appearing at certain Aquatudes gigs playing his groovy red Nord Electro and contributing organ and piano to the Aquatudes' sets. He also takes the lead on some organ-ic instrumental tunes originally played by the likes of Booker T. & the MG's and Dave "Baby" Cortez.
Fred Magetteri: bass

Fred provided the bass lines for the first three years of The Aquatudes' live shows. He also performed on several of the band's demo recordings - three of which have appeared on the annual online compilations on the Surf Guitar 101 website (http://surfguitar101.com). We're all still friends and Fred has filled in on bass a few times with us since.
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