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NESMA, which stands for North East Surf Music Alliance, is the glue that holds the surf scene in the northeast U.S. together. This group of 70+ dedicated surf bands show the kind of cooperative spirit that makes this world a better place - and they know how to throw a heck of a great party, too! Look up the other CT surf bands, including 9th Wave, The Clams, The Crustaceans, and Commercial Interruption.

Surf Guitar 101 - All you need to know about people, equipment, shows, bands, etc., is available here. (Just don't ask what's the best guitar/amp for surf!) International community of like-minded surf music geeks. There's even an annual compilation of member-submitted music available for download. Tom and/or the full Aquatudes have contributed songs from 2006 through 2010; and again in 2014.

surfrockmusic.com - An awesome source for surf band listings, CD reviews, articles, podcasts, and much, much more. They were kind enough to review our CD, "Unsafe at Any Speed!" as well as many other contemporary releases by our esteemed peers around the world. Based in Oregon, they demonstrate that there are many diverse and fascinating facets of the surf music scene to write about.

surfgigs.com contains listings of Surf Rock gigs throughout the world. If you're a surf band please feel free to add your gig by clicking on the add event button below.. It will also go out through their twitter feed - @surfgigs. 

Dad's Noisy Basement is Tom's self-indulgent sideline solo project - like he has time for that! Check out his song samples and buy his music, also on the Oh, No Wonder label.

Check out the Connecticut chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, an organization dedicated to the preservation of our beaches and waterways.

WWUH Radio's The Greatest Show from Earth - Tune into a long-running University of Hartford radio show hosted by the enigmatic Voice of Delorenzoid. The show spotlights mid sixties psychedelic, electronic music, and progressive rock (and occasionally, DNB). The Greatest Show From Earth can be heard every Sunday evening between 9:00 PM and midnight (Eastern Time). It's the last blast before the work week begins again, so tune in, turn on, and freak out!

Hyped to Death CD Archives - A great source for forgotten and just-below-the-surface music from the late 70's through the mid 80's, or in their own words: "The world's finest, longest, and cleanest-sounding CD collections of rare, obscure and undiscovered independently-produced * American punk; **Power-pop and poprock; *** Home-made post-punk, new wave and D.I.Y.; **** U.K. & Irish punk & mod, ***** U.K. D.I.Y., etc." Check out their "Teenline #8," collection, which includes "Tuesday Evening Girl" by the Broken Hearts (Tom's old band from the 1980's). Fun stuff!

ALSO, visit and like our Facebook page, or go to youtube and see our many (MANY!) performance videos!

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